SCFSA 2019 Press Release: Tips for a Safe Summer

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Summer is upon us again, and its time for relaxing in the outdoors and spending time with our families and friends. “Skin Cancer is mostly the result of excess UV damage, especially in a setting of vulnerable skin types,” says Dr Marc Roscher – Dermatologist and CEO of the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa. Malignant Melanoma is (gram for gram) one of the most aggressive cancers of all cancers. The threat of sunburn and UV damage is hence a real issue – he goes on to say.

An additional issue, is that skin of color tends to darken with excessive, unprotected sun exposure. This is also not an esthetically appealing outcome, which results from unprotected exposure to UV rays in the outdoors.

Dr. Derek Odendaal -Dermatologist from Port Elizabeth, goes on to say “Skin Cancers are easily treatable. First, we should avoid the sun damage that leads to them, but if skin cancer is diagnosed, early and definitive treatment is required by your dermatologist to ensure the best outcome.”

Here are the Skin Cancer Foundations HOT TIPS for the Summer Holidays:

2) Wear a hat (rather than a cap, but a cap rather than nothing)
3) Wear certified, good quality sunblocks with SPF of at least 30
4) ZINC oxide paste products are great for long hours in the water and outdoors – as it is safe for children to use and the product stays in place for many hours of protection
5 ) Selection of the type of moisturiser/sunblock needs to be appropriate for use – sticky blocks for outdoor use; elegant formulations to encourage regular and day to day use by all members of the family
6) Ask your dermatologist about the astounding protective effects of topic and oral antioxidants, many of which have now been scientifically formulated to protect against sun-induced skin damage, in many ways equal (but different) to sunblock use
7) Rash vests are great for long hours outdoors, especially for sportsmen & women, and kids (look out for proper certification)
8)BE SAVVY! With proper care, lots of fun can be had safely in the outdoors this summer

SASCF – 2019/20 PRS. TdB

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