Vision and mission of SCFSA

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide, and this is no different in South Africa. To address the growing incidence of skin cancer in this country, the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa (SCFSA) was created with the aim of implementing a National Skin Cancer Screening Day which will be held in September every year. Facilitating these events and projects requires special skill and insight, which the SCFSA will provide.

It is anticipated that this campaign will be run on a national basis. With the aid of extensive media coverage it is our aim to educate and inform the public of South Africa about the dangers of skin cancer and how to avoid it. It is also the role of the foundation to assimilate and distribute information about skin cancer and its symptoms to the lay public, press and medical professionals. A lack of data about skin cancer in South Africa is a pressing concern, and would also form a key component of the SCFSA and its activities.

The foundation has resolved to operate in a manner similar to SCFs in other parts of the world, and to interact and cooperate with any groups, individuals and societies that share our vision and can benefit from or contribute to the work that is being done.

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